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Reasons to Leave Pest Control in the Hands of Professionals

Anytime you have a pest problem in your home, your anxiety automatically goes through the roof with concerns of health, money, and getting rid of the pests effectively. This is true whether you’re dealing with insects, spiders, rodents, and more. It can be tempting to attempt your own pest control in order to save money, but there are numerous reasons why it’s best to utilize a professional pest control service in Anchorage, Alaska. Here’s why this is important.

Pest Identification 

While it may not be difficult to identify signs of a pest problem like home damage, droppings, or sightings of pests, it can be more difficult to pinpoint the exact type of infestation you’re dealing with. Many rodent droppings look similar, and if you try to treat your home for the wrong type of pest, you may have limited success. A professional has the training and experience necessary to determine exactly what type of pest you’re dealing with so that the treatment is appropriate. In addition to positively identifying your pest problem, the technicians will go beyond treating the issue. They’ll inspect your home to locate where the pests are gaining access to your home so that they can treat the root of the problem rather than just the symptoms of an infestation.   


Attempting to do pest control on your own can be dangerous for a few reasons. First of all, some treatments may require the use of pesticides that need to be handled in a certain way. The professionals have required testing and certifications that ensure the appropriate handling of these chemicals both in the preparation and application process. They’ll also already have the appropriate safety gear on hand, so you can avoid purchasing unnecessary protective gear by letting the professionals handle pesticide application. Another safety consideration is that of your home’s occupants. While there are safe pest control options for children and pets, some substances may be harmful if not placed or applied properly in your home. Finally, the environment’s safety is something to consider, as well. Some products you can purchase at the hardware store are bad for the environment and may not even be as effective as the more environmentally-friendly options professional pest control services can offer.


Perhaps the factor most homeowners are concerned about with DIY versus professional pest control is effectiveness. DIY methods might work eventually, but they often take a lot longer to work than professional treatments. Some treatments you can purchase might not be strong enough to remedy the problem at all. Pest control companies utilize different types of treatments to ensure the end results are satisfactory and that the infestation is completely under control.

Money Savings 

While DIY pest control may seem like the more affordable option, many homeowners spend money on treatments and protective gear only to find that they end up needing the help of professionals anyway. You’ll likely save money by contacting the professionals in the first place rather than purchasing treatment after treatment and finding limited success with these methods.


Another reason to call the professionals for pest control in Anchorage is to reduce the likelihood of a future infestation. Pest control companies provide guarantees that your infestation will be eliminated, and they will usually provide monitoring services for a certain period of time following the treatments to ensure the pests don’t return. If you need help dealing with a pest infestation, contact American Pest Management today.

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